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About Us

When driving or hiking on a National Wildlife Refuge we are in awe of the planning and work that has been done to designate and maintain a natural habitat for migrating and breeding birds. The first National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1903 and since then 566 National Wildlife Refuges have been established for the protection of many animal and plant species. The National Wildlife Refuges are located in every state and are staffed by managers, biologist, maintenance workers and volunteers, each one helping to continue this valuable endeavor of managing and preserving a natural habitat for migrating, resting and breeding birds and other species of animals and plants.

Each time we talk about our goal with others, birding at every National Wildlife Refuge, we get the same response; have you been to a certain National Park or Nature Preserve? probably one he or she has visited. Someday, I hope everyone is knowledgeable about our 566 National Wildlife Refuges.

Since 2011 we have birded at over 144 National Wildlife Refuges in over 29 states. We plan to visit and bird at every National Wildlife Refuge and along the way we hope to bring public awareness to the importance of National Wildlife Refuges and encourage everyone to help support the National Wildlife Refuge System.

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