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NWR Animals 

When we visit a National Wildlife Refuge we focus on identifying the species of birds we observe and taking photos of birds to document what we have seen but when an opportunity presents it self we love to photograph and video all species of animals at the Refuges. Here are some of favorite photos of animals we have been lucky enough to get a chance to photograph while visiting National Wildlife Refuges. 

Animals at National Wildlife Refuges

National Wildlife Refuges provide valuable habitat for endangered species of plants and animals. Here is a list of some of the endangered species of animals at the National Wildlife Refuges we have visited.

Watercress Darter- A very colorful fish measuring up to 2.5 inches in length. The Watercress Darter lives in dense aquatic vegetation including watercress. They are found in only five sites in the upper Black Warrior River drainage near Birmingham, Alabama including the ponds at Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge in Bessemer, Alabama. 

Indiana bat-Hibernating during the winter months Indiana bats require humid caves with stable temperature of under 50oF but above freezing. The bats migrate to summer habitat in wooded areas where they roost under loose tree bark on dead trees. The bat forages for food along the edge of forest. Cypress Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Illinois

Key Deer-The endangered Key Deer are the smallest subspecies of the North American white-tailed deer and are unique to the lower Florida Keys. The National Key Deer Refuge, Florida

Red Wolves Alligator National Wildlife Refuge 

Delmarva fox squirrel-The endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel spends most of it's time on the ground and is less agile than at climbing trees compared to the gray squirrel. It lives in small stands of mature pine trees and mixed hardwoods witan open undershirt. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland

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